Tailored Transformation®

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Mitigate client risk

Our support to clients is underpinned using our accumulated expertise. Tailored Transformation® is an effective, pragmatic and methodology agnostic framework to help organisations mitigate risk. Tailored Transformation® can be deployed in an implementation or assurance context and in both build or turnaround scenarios. It can be engaged as a complete end-to-end service or alternatively, service modules or individual service lines can be deployed separately, and according to need. Tailored Transformation® is based on three core tenets, each of which has supporting service lines. 

Effective Delivery

Successful programmes do not happen by accident. Effective Delivery focuses on ensuring that the underpinning mechanics are correct and optimal. For effective delivery of transformation programs, several elements need to work in harmony including organisational structure, mobilisation strategy, interfaces, governance, management information, flows and tools.

Collective Desire

Organisational change is hard but essential. Collective Desire focuses on business change to ensure that transformation programmes are genuinely change led, and that organisations achieve the expected outcomes and benefits. Transformation often goes wrong from the outset by not considering the impact on the organisation (so preventing transformation programs from delivering). We address this through a simple and easy to understand approach, which invites clients to see the benefits of their programme and accept change more easily. Ultimately, this means programme investment gains a maximum return.

High Performing Teams

Great teams that deliver great things. High Performing Teams focuses on building a well-honed team, recognising that the sponsor and their supporting coalition, along with key supporting functions in the business are critical for success. As part of the team mobilisation process, we test and assure the team is ready. When assessing or supporting an existing team, BARDD will apply the same techniques to identify and enhance good behaviours and to identify and recommend remediation strategies where dysfunction exists.