Photo of light bulb group with shining fibers in PLAN, EXECUTE, CONTROL and COMPLETE shape isolated on black background; concept of Project Management

BARDD Partnership supports clients by tailoring its service offerings and capabilities to their specific needs. Each of BARDD’s services offerings draw on the following capabilities as required:

Strategy: We help our clients ensure their strategy is fit for purpose. Often an organisation’s strategy becomes shelfware. We work with clients to ensure their strategy is “real”, implementable and links to their organisation’s purpose. We advocate that an organisations’ strategy is continuously assessed and is a permanent business function represented at board level.

Enterprise Architecture: We support clients to ensure their transformation or change initiative is linked to strategy and is achievable. Clarity of purpose and clear articulation of the activities that will deliver the best outcome for a given investment are key goals. Our Enterprise Architecture expertise offers two key components: (i) the suite of architectural products that describe your organisation in detail; and (ii) a rigorous, repeatable method for generating a plan of affordable and achievable activities.

Systems Engineering: Faced with ever-increasing complexity many organisations find themselves dealing with seemingly intractable problems. The responses to this range from “do nothing” to “boiling the ocean”. Examining the wider systems of Interest ensures that our clients’ business is not caught out by a changing external environment or competitors.  Our holistic approach ensures Systems Engineering is complementary with Enterprise Architecture and covers People; Process; Information; Technology; and Facility. By understanding each of these aspects of the problem and trading across them in the solution space we help clients derive the “right fit” solution for their business need. Our Systems Engineering approach also dovetails seamlessly with organisational change, programme, and project management as we focus on the “machine that makes the machine”.

Programme Management: BARDD works with clients to ensure their programmes are structured appropriately and the governance is in place to manage uncertainty through effective delivery and developing high performing teams with the needed skills and attributes. We ensure the programme considers the scale of required change from the outset and is able to orchestrate delivery across all involved functions.

Project Management: We also support clients to define and manage the constituent projects of a transformation or change initiative, so they are focused on delivering required outcomes and manage risk effectively. We help clients apply good practice principles of structuring projects correctly for effective delivery be it waterfall, Agile or hybrid and developing high performing teams.

Business Change: We assist clients with their business change as they move from a current state, through an interim state, to the future desired state. We advocate that clients instigate organisational change at the earliest opportunity, ideally before a transformation, change initiative or programme is formally created. We work with clients to ensure that their organisational change is effective by considering two key layers. Each has a different focus: (i) strategic change, driven by the strategy, involving leadership support and a sponsorship coalition and; (ii) programme and project change driven by delivery.

Coaching and Mentoring: BARDD provides a strategic support function to help our clients effectively undertake their roles as senior leaders accountable for change within their organisations. We help clients understand and reduce the risks to their change initiative(s) and provide impartial expert advice, guidance, and support. We also provide highly impactful, accredited leadership coaching to support specific initiatives, as well as more generic business, executive and wellbeing coaching.

Security Management: Security is in BARDD’s DNA. We have successfully supported clients on many highly sensitive initiatives. While a lot of providers focus on cyber, we take a more holistic and strategic approach to working with our clients on their security needs. As well as cyber, our security expertise blends with our systems engineering approach to consider people, process, information, technology and facilities. We also support clients with risk and compliance. We help clients understand what changes are needed and to scope and prioritise them. We set the conditions for successful development and, if needed, we secure the right resources for clients to sustain this. We work through clients, which means we disengage the moment risk and compliance has been reduced to manageable levels and activity has been mobilised.