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Service Offerings Overview

BARDD’s Tailored Transformation™ is a framework for success that addresses key causes of transformation failure. Tailored Transformation™ is:

  • based on key principles that will resonate with experienced transformation practitioners
  • methodology agnostic as many of the prevalent methodologies do not link well together
  • an integrated framework that enables chosen methodologies to succeed
  • tried and tested, based on research and years of experience
  • common sense, practical and pragmatic

To support the Tailored Transformation™ framework we have developed a series of service offerings, shown below. These can be used in isolation to address specific areas of risk or as an integrated suite.

BARDD Service Diagram

Many transformation programmes fail. Organisational transformation, the process of moving a business from one operational state to a different (better) one whilst that business continues to function, is complex. As with any complex system, a programme will only function well if it is built correctly, and all components are well maintained and working. This does not happen by accident. Effective Delivery means ensuring that the underpinning mechanics of the programme are established in such a way that they support an efficient, well managed transformation. BARDD’s Effective Delivery service help to ensure that your transformation is not another one of the statistics of failure.

Download Effective Delivery document

Organisational change capability is an increasingly critical factor for organisational agility and success. In general, less than fifteen percent of any programme budget is allocated to organisational change.  Yet on average, at least seventy percent of expected benefits require an organisation’s people to change what they do.  There is a direct correlation between an organisation’s change maturity and a programme’s chance of success.  Conversely, change saturation, or fatigue, is not cost free.  Projects miss milestones, programmes fail to deliver benefits and operational effectiveness suffers. BARDD’s Collective Desire Service helps ensure that your organisation achieves the expected programme outcomes and benefits.  Where organisational change is undertaken, it is usually started too late.  By starting as early as possible and addressing resistance from the outset, you can save time and money later.

Download Collective Desire document

Like any system, an organisation will not function optimally unless all its components are in good working order. People are the core element of any organisation, and establishing high performing teams is a key success factor. Rarely, though, is sufficient consideration given to how well teams are formed or performing. This is often acute in programmes, and with programme teams, as they are transient. BARDD works with you to ensure a framework for success is in place, rearrange the team to a better order and identify where team members need support, are weak, or not fit for purpose.

Download High Performing Teams document

Planning for business success requires clarity of purpose, and a clear articulation of the activities that will deliver the best outcome for the investment. Deriving, from the vision, the activities with the most return should be capability-led and evidence-based. If the process is repeatable you have a rigorous approach to strategic planning.  Our Business Architecture expertise offers two key components: (i) the suite of architectural products that describe your organisation in detail; and (ii) a rigorous, repeatable method for generating a plan of affordable and achievable activities.

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With the ever-increasing complexity of today’s world, many organisations find themselves faced with seemingly intractable problems. The responses to this range from “do nothing” to “boiling the ocean”. Our holistic approach to Systems Engineering covers People; Process; Information; Technology; and Facility. Only by understanding each of these aspects of the problem and trading across them in the solution space can we derive the “right fit” solution for the business need. By understanding the Wider Systems of Interest, we also ensure that the business is not caught out by a changing external environment or competitors.

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Informed investment decisions for a programme require a detailed understanding of how and when return on investment (benefit) will occur. Business cases should provide the evidence needed to underpin investment decision making. Often, if they are produced at all, business cases do not provide rigorous evidence-based analysis. In general, there is also a poor understanding of benefits with them characterised as ‘fuzzy’ concepts, which defy analysis.  Outcomes are often stated in place of benefits, rendering business cases as self-fulfilling prophecies that add no value. BARDD’s business case and benefits service provides the rigour needed to construct a solid investment case for your programme.

Download Business Cases & Benefits document

Meetings take time and effort and cost real money. The right people must be present; they need clear directives; they must be supported with the right information and have confidence in that information. Underpinning this is a requirement for well-defined and managed data and management information (MI) that flow through governance structures in a way that enables sound decision making. BARDD has established a framework for designing effective governance within complex organisations. Taking a top down approach, key business questions and decisions are identified and mapped to control nodes within the business.

Download Governance & Management Information document

Enterprise agility is a pressing need for many organisations and yet remains, to a large degree, an unsolved problem. There is no silver bullet. The Agile methods that work for small SCRUM teams do not scale to enterprises; they require a different way of thinking. The agility of an organisation is a measure of its responsiveness to change. Engendering agility into an organisation requires its people to embrace change. This cultural shift cannot be neglected because the adoption of agility is a move towards a state of constant change. BARDD’s organisational agility assessment will analyse your organisation’s potential for agility. The result will be a root cause analysis of your organisation’s potential for adoption of agility, identification of areas that would need to change for adoption to be successful and set of recommendations for how this could be achieved. Beyond the agility assessment, BARDD can support adoption of agile working practices, and mobilisation training in agile methods.

Building large-scale outcomes and dealing with the day-to-day issues that inevitably occur can, if not checked, give rise to myopia towards the ultimate outcome.  The organic growth of a short-term mindset – not being able to see the wood for the trees – is a common side effect of managing complexity, particularly when things are not going to plan.  When short-termism becomes the preeminent mindset, control is sacrificed, objectivity is lost and vested interests take hold.  Each skew strategic objectives and undermine benefits with the result that transformation goes off-track unnoticed.  Designing appropriate assurance functions into a complex organisation is a necessary component of effective governance.  BARDD’s seasoned team can help you to provide independent insight to provide confidence that the right assurance functions are in place and that they are objective and effective across your organisation.

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When organisations engage in transformative change, realisation of benefit requires staff to engage with new ways of working; training is a key enabler in this.  Commodity training is often not the complete answer as operating model designs are rarely ‘off the peg’.   In practice, very few organisations fully implement the methodologies their staff have trained for.  This is not through lack of intent but the simple reality that working environments rarely mirror the ideal conditions assumed by theory.  The result can be frustration, demotivation and attrition as staff find themselves with new knowledge in an environment where it cannot be applied.  To derive benefit from training it is essential not only to provide a baseline of theory, but also to illustrate how theory can be mapped into real working environments.  BARDD’s Tailored Training service is designed to support transformative change by bridging the gap between commodity training, which we can also provide, and the reality of your working environment.

Download Tailored Training document

All businesses are subject to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should they wish to do business with the EU and its citizens. With BREXIT this requirement will continue and may become more complex as the UK trading environment diverges from the EU. National and international laws govern business capability, information systems and associated business processes that sustain your GDPR compliance.  This includes data security, integrity, availability and destruction work.  BARDD works with you to identify the risks you face associated with GDPR and Information Assurance. We help you understand what changes you need to make and to scope and prioritise them. We set the conditions for successful development and, if you need us to, we secure the right resources for you to sustain this.  We work through you, which means we can disengage the moment risk has been reduced to manageable levels and activity has been mobilised. We can return in an advisory capacity to course-correct to ensure successful implementation of your new business practices.

Download Information Assurance & GDPR document

Reducing legacy IT improves organisational agility, releases capital for re-investment in more advanced capability, improves performance and reduces security risk. The result is that businesses become more nimble and effective.  BARDD’s approach means there is no requirement for a large up-front investment.  We offer a disposals service designed to minimise legacy IT issues. Our tried and tested approach pays for itself rapidly and on an enduring basis. The approach is risk averse, so system stability is assured. BARDD supports your management regime to prioritise, communicate and engage with your business, to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

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