BARDD’s Values and Principles

BARDD takes its core values and principles seriously. Everything BARDD does is legal and ethical but we aim higher with our core values and principles. Everyone who works with BARDD is expected to work to these:


  • Respect for others
  • Integrity
  • Commitment


  • The team and its members are more important than personal gain
  • We place high value on building trusting relationships, enabled by our integrity
  • We take responsibility for our actions and mistakes
  • We treat people fairly – the best result is one where everyone wins
  • We value our customers and work to their best interests
  • Social Value is embedded in everything we do
  • We embrace inclusivity, transparency, accountability, collaboration and community focus
  • We never accept the status quo – if we can make things better, we will
  • We seek out optimal and effective solutions to problems
  • As a team, we celebrate success and see failures as an opportunity to learn